Friday, November 25, 2022

Mycroft Holmes

 Mycroft Holmes - Pilot (2000)

Genre(s): Indie Rock, Indie Folk

1.) Breathing With Machines
2.) The Big Sleep
3.) Letters
4.) Elvis Menace
5.) Moscow
6.) Laocoon
7.) Regular Diamonds
8.) The Disgruntled Tree
9.) Summertime Injuries
10.) Paper Bo
11.) 23
12.) The Way To Your Heart

background info: I found this band by accident while trying to find an unrelated band on slsk, but found that the album was really good indie folk type stuff, only other outside info i know is that they might have been in the same scene as another band called Different For Girls

Favorite Track(s): 23, Breathing With Machines, Summertime Injuries

Post made by Alexxx

Saturday, October 15, 2022


Inside - Left Standing Alone (1995) 

Genre(s): Emo, Indie Rock

1.) Balero
2.) Stride
3.) Questions & Answers

Known Info: Inside was an emo band spanning from 1995 to 1999, this release was their first release as a band in 1995 with Eddie Reyes (from Taking Back Sunday) as their main guitarist, was also released on Eddie's label 'Reyes Rec.' cataloged as "X", there are no other known releases on this label. Eddie was (I think) also on their 1996 self titled record and so on was replaced by Jon Florencio

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Happy Todd

 Happy Todd - Demo (1996) 

Genre(s): Emo, Hardcore, Indie-rock

Track listing:
1.) Cross That Line 
2.) Your Key
3.) False Moves
4.) It's Never The END Scent

Info: hxc emo indie rock band from from Kalmar, Sweden 

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

December's Last Words

 December's Last Words - Five Song E.P. [2003]

Genre(s): Post-Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore

Track list:
1.) Left Than Right (For Katy)
2.) When Thirteen Wild Girls Scream Your Name It's Time To Quit
3.) Serial Killer Of Personal Conversation
4.) Papertrails Of Actions Not Thought Out
5.) Jan Brady Is A Heart Breaker

Link(s)/Resource(s): Post-hardcore band from the early 2000's St. Paul, Minnesota scene.
I saw this band listed in some archived show listings w/ other emo bands ive heard of. i found someone on who had this release and they sold it to me. i ripped it and here it is!

~posted by alex~

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Lazy Susan

 Lazy Susan - Pinwheel [1993]

Genre(s): Emo-Pop

Track list:
1.) Pinwheel
2.) Mr. Pickle's Wish
3.) Wacko in Waco


Known info: Florida based early 90s Emo-Pop with members of Hankshaw and Shade.

Special thanks to:
Ahrin Renichan for posting these tracks to YouTube.

~Posted by Alice~

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Tomorrow's Will

 Tomorrow's Will - Demo [1998]

Genre(s): Emoviolence, Metalcore

Track list:
1.) Track 1
2.) Track 2
3.) Track 3
4.) Track 4
5.) Track 5


Known info: Late 90s lo-fi Emoviolence / Metalcore band from Rhode Island with members of A Trillion Barnacle Lapse.

Special thanks to:
Zan Lao on YouTube for resurfacing and uploading these tracks.

~Posted by Alice~

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

No Greater Love Compilation

 Various Artists - No Greater Love, Volume No. 1 [2000]

Genre(s): Christcore, Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Pop Punk, Screamo, Emo, Melodic Metalcore, Hardcore Punk, Punk Rock, Melodic Death Metal, Garage Punk, Christian Rock

Track list:
1.) Redeem - Ballad of Remembrance
2.) Stalemate - Open Up Your Heart
3.) Just Like Jonah - Godsend
4.) Hiding Remington - Commodity
5.) Evergreen Terrace - The Shattered Remains of My Broken Heart
6.) One Step Back - Mistake
7.) Edify - The Way (The Return)
8.) Side Walk Slam - Yesterday
9.) Shameface - Lush
10.) Two Timer - My Friend
11.) Consider the Blameless - The Urge
12.) Beauty to Ashes - Along Our Paths
13.) Old Self Dead - I've Had Enough
14.) Blaster the Rocketman - Hopeful Monsters Are Dying Everyday
15.) Shutter - Walking Dead
16.) Crutch - Cold, Dark Whisper
17.) Nail Scarred Hands - Shadow
18.) The Witness Protection Program - Hypocrisy
19.) Facedown - Too Young to Cry
20.) Three Day Hero - F.T.S.
21.) Guilty Nation - It Hurts
22.) Headnoise - Unity
23.) The Transformers - Do Not Conform
24.) Pink Daffodils - Euroclydon


Known info: U.S. focused Christian punk/metal compilation from the obscure NSH Records of Jacksonville, Florida.

Special thanks to:

God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, my friend Hunter for sending me the files, and Alex for being the best friend I could have ever asked for...

~Posted by Alice~

Monday, August 29, 2022


 Dolt - If at First You Don't Succeed, Lower Your Standards [2002]
Genre(s): Pop Punk, Emo-Pop

Track list:
1.) What You Can See
2.) Spend Forever
3.) Life Wasted
4.) Song for the Recently Dumped
5.) Sucker for a Pretty Face
6.) By the Way, Ludacris Is Horrible
7.) False Sense of Security
8.) If at First You Don't Succeed, Lower Your Standards 
9.) Look the Other Way
10.) Why Can't the Rabbit Have Some Trix
11.) Sorry


Known info: This was an IRL find for Alex at a thrift store in Indiana.

~Posted by Alex; edited by Alice~

Mycroft Holmes

 Mycroft Holmes - Pilot (2000) Genre(s): Indie Rock, Indie Folk 1.) Breathing With Machines 2.) The Big Sleep 3.) Letters 4.) Elvis Menace 5...